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Seveso Marmi

Passion, state of the art and innovation in the manufacture of marble and more.

Since 1948 we have been developing exclusive projects in marble, granite, natural stones and technical materials.

For three generations, Seveso Marmi, company specialised in the manufacture of marble, develop exclusive projects with marble, granite, natural stones and also technical materials.

Founded as company mainly oriented towards the production of funerary monuments, thanks to its constant passion and the endless innovation of production technologies, nowadays Seveso Marmi is alongside architects and individual clients into the creation and personalisation of prestige environments, perfect in their uniqueness and elegance.

Our services

From 1948 until today: an always growing company…

The birth of “Fratelli Seveso”

Andrea Seveso, stonecutter of the Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano, founded “F.lliSeveso” together with his brother Carlo. Since then, the company specialised in manufacture of marble, granite, natural materials, has never stopped growing and proposing innovative products, keeping up with market trends and requests.

The first marble tops…

Giovanni Seveso, Carlo’s son, takes his first steps in the family business. The core business of the company, initially only devoted to funerary art, also begins to direct towards marble tops for furniture, especially for classic-style furniture; products which are immediately appreciated by the market, positioning “Seveso Marmi” as a leading company in the sector.

The birth of “Seveso Giovanni”

Giovanni Seveso takes full control of the company changing the name in “Seveso Giovanni”. In the following years the company direct its production towards the thriving business of kitchen worktops in granite, which becomes the new core business of the company, and which It will be for over 30 years. The reference market exclusively is the Italian one. In the 90’s Maurizio and Carlo Seveso ( Giovanni’s sons) started taking part in the family business.

Design furniture and important collaborations.

The company is based on the market of kitchen tops, manufactured either with natural stones or with new technical materials. With great foresight, the production begins to convert to design furniture as well thanks to the collaboration of important architecture studios.

Internationally qualified company

The company moves to the modern facility in via Novello ( Cantù ) which is now the headquarters. Thanks to the constant search for perfection and to the desire for innovation, Seveso Marmi keep growing, crossing national borders and presenting itself on the international market as qualified company in the marble sector.

Today A company projected into the future

Today Seveso Marmi is a constantly expanding company, which work both in the national and international market with great success. Technology, state of the art, design and tradition of Made in Italy merge into a business reality which is leader in the transformation of marble and natural stones.

Seveso Marmi

We listen. We think.
We draw. We perfect.

That is our slogan… and the client is positioned in the centre. When the designer, the architect, or the individual client contact us, our staff establish one single objective: their satisfaction.

We try to interpret at best the designer’s or client’s idea, we select the best material available on the market, and thanks to the craftmanship gained over years of work, we are able to manufacture the product to create the desired piece of furniture.

Thanks to important partnerships we have formed over the years, we can personally choose and select the raw material to work (marble, granite, technical material). We perfect the project and mould the raw material to create bathroom tops, kitchen tops and many more pieces of furniture.


One of the main “Seveso Marmi”’s focus is on our “turnkey” service for building. Relying on us, you will be looked after from measure-taking to planning, render, creation, laying, and final test, taking care of the smallest details.

Natural materials such as marble and natural stones selected in prestigious quarries worldwide. The precious selected marble will make each project unique and exclusive. For the creation of our products we also use “technical materials” with very high performances and qualities.

Finishes, carvings, engravings and bas-relieves, cut with waterjet technology and hand-made finish. We use innovative and advanced technologies to carry out precision manufacturing.

Experience, avant-garde, craftsmanship: we are the perfect partner to realise your exclusive project!